Thanks to:

  • Soylent, the original inspiration for Power Smoothie. The Soylent people are full-time professionals and I am a part-time amateur, so keep that in mind.
  • Dario Amodei, my housemate. When I first read about Soylent, I asked Dario, “Is it really possible to get all our nutritional needs in one easy package like that?” His answer was sort of no, but we kept discussing the basic idea of “what could we throw in a blender for a maximally healthy, convenient meal?” Dario came up with the basic formula of soy milk + whey protein + blueberries + kale, and we tweaked it from there. He also had a lot of discussions with me about the significance of micronutrients and other claims made in the nutrition world.
  • My other current and former housemates, and my co-workers, who (with some exceptions) currently consume a good deal of Power Smoothie and have come up with a lot of new recipes and ideas, as well as pooling funds for ingredients and equipment. Special thanks to Elie Hassenfeld (my co-founder at GiveWell) for taking the lead on bringing Power Smoothie to the office and reviewing a draft of this website.
  • The many sources of information I’ve consulted on micronutrients and nutrition, especially the ones I have found particularly trustworthy-seeming and used to inform some of my views (Slate Star Codex, Stephan Guyenet’s recommendations).
  • Sources I’ve relied on for ethics-related information, particular Peter Singer and this article by Julia Galef.