Power Smoothie Recipes


This page spells out exact quantities, calorie counts and prices for different versions of a Power Smoothie. It is far from comprehensive, but it tries to give a feel for different ways you can vary the Power Smoothie formula to accomplish different goals. I generally target 700-800 calories, but you can easily dial these up and down by using different quantities of oil or peanut butter, which is calorically dense and nutritionally fairly innocuous.

This page doesn’t get much into flavors – for that, see Flavors. You can pretty much apply any flavor to any recipe.

The recipes are excerpted from this Google sheet.


The Classic

Just the basics. Blend everything except the bread.

Vegan Version

Same as the Classic but with vegan protein powder. The vegan stuff comes with a smaller scoop, so scale up appropriately.

Peanut Butter Version

Uses peanut butter instead of oil for fat. Tastier and more nutrient-rich, though some (not including myself) would be more comfortable with flaxseed or olive oil from a nutrition perspective.

You can always use both for more calories. Peanut butter goes great with cocoa powder.

You can also just put in nuts (cashews, almonds, whatever) since it’s a blender.

Another Variant

Just switched a bunch of stuff up to illustrate how you can mess around with the recipe while preserving the basic ideas.

Paleo Version

Uses coconut milk and water; enough calories in the coconut milk to skip the oil and bread.

Cricket powder seems to provide a balanced protein, plus other micronutrients, and I’d guess it is far more similar to what people ate pre-agriculture than almost any meat you can get your hands on (esp. if it’s factory farmed and esp. if you’re eating a lot of muscle meat without eating a lot of organ meat). I’ve actually tried this and it still tastes good and does the job. You can also just go with whey powder if you’re comfortable with that (as a lot of paleo people seem to be) and want to save money or avoid crickets. A final protein-equivalent option would be to use four raw eggs.

Economy Version

Peanut butter is cheaper than oil; almond milk is cheaper than soy milk; bananas are cheaper than berries. Result: more calories, less money.

Complete Power Smoothie

If you’re looking for a power smoothie you could live off of (not something I recommend particularly), use this one. Yogurt is used as the fat source to provide animal-product-associated micronutrients. Carbs come from the oat powder rather than from a separate snack. Accordingly, this will take up a lot of volume.